After all is said and done

I got pulled over tonight for speeding (60 in a 45), had expired tags, couldn’t find my registration, and had smoked weed in my car about 20 minutes previously. While the cop was looking at my license he noticed my Hendersonville address (note to self: update license) and started to talk to me about how nice the city is and the area his ex-wife lives in. I suddenly felt like I was talking to a gas station attendant checking my ID, not a police officer being paid to to get someone in trouble for the multiple offenses they’ve committed. I could immediately sense a transition in tone and knew the way I talked/looked combined with the Hendersonville stigma is what prompted it. 

I didn’t get one ticket tonight. Nothing more than a slap on the wrist for having my insurance on my phone as opposed to a physical copy. 

Recognizing you’re on the favorable side of white male privilege while it’s occurring is a curious and terrifying thing.

i just got so excited thinking about moving out that i punched the air…i understand the tom cruise-oprah-couch incident now. that could also be me one day. 

i want to see my mugshot from last summer so badly………

goddamn there is nothing more degrading than the average commercial. marketing should be a blow to mankind’s ego but ya know it works for a reason

i sold my british literature norton anthology at the end of sophomore year (for $3….) and I feel so much shame and regret right now