After all is said and done

oh also one of my best friends completely abandoned me….the best part of the past few months, definitely.

every month, for what seems like the past 7 or 8 months, a major life change seems to occur. i was going to utc, involved in a ton of shit, then i decided to move to brooklyn and change majors. i moved in january, sold all my shit, and found roommates on craigslist. the school i was transferring to started in march, so i had a couple months to bum around. the start of the term rolls around and i find out financial/scholarships have been misconstrued to me and i’m left with no money to pay my rent, therefore forcing me to move back to nashville, unsure of where my life is going. this time last year, nothing was in question. now, everything is in limbo. i’m conflicted, irritated, and tired of not knowing what’s going to happen.

but then it dawns on me that that’s exactly what i envision the fate of life to be; in one word: unpredictable. it’s hard to plan for the future when so much has changed recently. i want to have a plan, but i also feel like it’s foolish. 

i do know i want to be back in school again, and as soon as possible. 

this is the most private/unprivate thing i’ve ever posted. 


working at cinnabon in opry mills starting tomorrow, HIT A BROTHA UP

shout out to this time last year when things were 200x easier